My favourite song to listen to when editing at the moment

So, there was no way i wasn't going to blog this wedding. I was SO in love the whole day, with every little detail - i even left with ideas for my own wedding which i may have already purchased haha.

Matthew and Brittney decided not to start their ceremony until about 5:30pm which is a little unusual for your typical Scottish wedding, but of course, this was not your typical Scottish wedding. With it being the middle of summer, we would have light until around 10pm and the wedding was being held in Matthews family home so they were not restricted on time. So, Matthew and the guys played some golf in the morning, Brittney and her maid of honour got to have a lie in to sleep of some of the prosecco from the night before (to make room for lots more haha). This all meant that i got a long lie too and i arrived at the cottages the girls were all getting ready in at around 1pm for some getting ready shots and a chat, while i was having the time of my life with the girls, Pete (my fiancé) was off with the guys getting some shots of them and then we both met up at the ceremony. Now the reason i am telling you all of this is because it builds up to the next part, just before the ceremony Pete was coming to pick me up from the cottages to go up there, but i got a few missed phone calls just before this, when i finally answered, i was told that Pete had accidentally locked our car keys in the boot... so that was fun in the middle of a wedding!

Anyway, let's get to the wedding shall we.