Want to know me a little better?

Hi, thats me, over there to the left, i'm Chloe. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

Again, i'm Chloe, Glasgow born and bred and i am now officially an Ayrshire lass. I, like you, was also getting engaged and planning the best day of my life, and finally had our wedding day in April 2021, So i know all too well the stress that comes with wedding planning, so i have tried my best to make this as easy as possible for you and basically gave you an outline of my entire personality in one paragraph, have fun!!

I love Starwars but I also love a good soppy chick flick. I love a good head bang to some ACDC but I’m also country musics biggest fan. I can name all 32 NFL teams (proven) and I try my best to understand the rules but ask me anything about the football played in the UK and i know nothing. I LOVE food but I cannot cook (good thing my husband was a chef) . I love to travel with Pete (the afore mentioned husband) and a big goal of ours is to travel the world together and learn about new places and cultures and also eat a lot of food of course, but most importantly, I love people, I love photographing amazing people and their life moments, whether big or small occasions in your life, id love to be the one to capture it all for you!



Roisin & Finlay

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"We had the pleasure of Chloe photographing our wedding and we couldn't have hoped for better! As a couple we don't normally pose for photos, but Chloe made us feel so relaxed and all of our photos are so natural. The colours in them are stunning and she captured the essence of the day perfectly. We got 2 photographers (Chloe and ger husband) for the full day which also came with a pre-wedding couples photoshoot. This was a great opportunity for us to meet up beforehand and get to know each other!"

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Where are you based? Can you cover my wedding if it's not in Ayrshire?

A.Yes, I am based in Ayrshire, as in, that's where I live but I will travel far and wide for all of you're amazing weddings, no wedding is too far, well maybe. No but really, I travel all over Scotland for weddings and I absolutely love it, all travel within 2 hours of Glasgow is included but a small fee will be added for those further afield.

How long will our couple photos take?

A.I will try not to have you away from your family and friends for any longer than 20 minutes in between the ceremony and speeches, however this is weather permitted, if the weather is not playing ball during that time we will need to slot some more photos in after the meal, but don't worry, ill never have you away for too long, you have a wedding to get married after all, not for a photoshoot.

I hate getting my photo taken, help?!

A.Ok so, yeah me too, thats probably why I chose a life behind the camera! Don't, worry though, this part of the photo taking will be super chilled out and fun (hopefully you find my jokes as hilarious as I do), we will just do a bit of walking about, a bit of the cheesy stuff and by the end of it you will have forgotten you were even getting your photo taken, just enjoy the alone time with your new husband/wife because it's one of the only moments of the day you will get to yourselves!

How many final images will we get?

A.So, I try not to put a limit on this number, I tend to take way more photos than necessary and I only deliver the best ones but you will receive no less than 400.

Ok, so how do we book?

A.Just head on over to the 'contact' page and put in your details, I will get back to you as soon as I can and we will chat all things wedding and your date can be secured for £200 and then I will send you a contract to sign and voila! you're all booked.