Had to postpone your wedding?

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! So, on yesterdays blog post i ended by saying i was going to be doing a little series of post about all things wedding, DIY's, pinterest finds, tips & ideas etc etc and today i thought i would start of with what i tackled this weekend and that was changing the dates on some of my wooden signage. Now i was lucky in the sense that only two of my wooden items had the wedding date on them so that already makes the work load a lot easier to take on but the stuff i do have is from a little independent seller on Etsy (who has amazing stuff btw and you can find her store by searching "IvyCottageHomeWare") so i was unsure of things like what paint she used and how easy it would be to get it off of the wood, so i just winged it, mostly because i'm too impatient to wait for her to respond if i was to ask her these questions haha.

So here is a little preview of what we were working with at the start:

So this is what i have, like i said before, not much actually has the date on it so i only have to work with the welcome sign and the cake stand box that you can see in the photos above, i also have a seating plan board and a postbox which don't need fixed. As you can see the welcome sign and cake stand both say 18-11-20 which is no longer our wedding day, who knows maybe we'll celebrate in some way on that date, anyway our new date is 22-09-21 so my plan was to try and take off this paint. Firstly i tried just using a sponge with hot water in the hopes that is was just a water based paint but of course the universes doesn't work like that and it wanted to make it a lot harder for me so what was my next move? ah turpentine, duh... Now you can get this very cheap from B&Q which is open btw and as long as you don't mind waiting in a queue to get in, then you'l be able to get very easily, btw the system B&Q have going on right now is great so don't be worried about going if you are able to. Anyway, i took some turps on a sponge and it took it right off, ps maybe wear some gloves or at least have some soapy water next to you because your hands will smell like a petrol station.

So as you can see above, it did understandably take off some of the wood stain and you can see it pretty clearly, but the date is completely gone which is what we wanted. Now we didn't have any wood stain and i wasn't making an unnecessary trip to B&Q for one thing so i was just going to wait until we were going for more stuff or try to order some online but i phoned my Mum etc to see if anyone had any and my Gran suggested using a tea bag... now i know you are all probably looking at this and thinking "WTF" but theres no better time than now, during a lockdown, to try some DIY's so i have tested this Granny hack so that you don't have to.

So, you can see form the photos above that they do look noticeably better than before after dabbing a wet tea bag on them... and honestly if you leave it a little bit in between each time and keep going back and doing it again, eventually it does work, you just need to be patient and have some time in your hands, and lets be honest, a lot of us have too much time these days. So if you are not able to source any wood stain but you do have some tea bags then give it a go, again wear gloves or be prepared for stained hands lol.

Anyway, the next step was to do the painting, now i have been working on my calligraphy skills a lot during this lockdown but i seem to as skipped over the numbers part and focused purely on the letters and this process really proved that to be true. I personally am going for more of the "rustic" look with our wedding decor so i am not too bothered about things being perfect, the more messy, one of a kind type of look is more the style we are going for so i just went ahead and free handed it but of course using a stencil is always a good option too. I will give some details on the paints, brushes etc that i used:

  • docrafts Artiste acrylic paint set
  • a number 3 M&C paint brush from Amazon
  • Any standard HB pencil

Please ignore the quarantine nails...

I started out writing the date first in pencil to give myself a bit of a templated but then i just gave up with that and went straight in with the paint, because again, i'm impatient. Like i said before, this is not going to be perfect in the slightest but if you are not a master calligrapher (like me duh) and want it to be a but more precise then stencils are your friend, you could even stick the stencil down with some masking tape and use a sponge dipped in the paint to put the date on, so easy! But for me i just went for it and as long as the date is legible then thats a win in my book. Now, the DIY wood staining is not perfect and i will probably go over it a few more times when the sun decides to come back to Scotland because it is absolutely freezing outside in the wind today, WTF?!

Here's my dog Miller having a sniff

I'll be back soon with some more :)